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Rented Lamborghini Left In IKEA Parking Lot Vanishes

A black Lamborghini Huracan Spyder was recently stolen by an Irish woman in Sweden. The rental company, Swiss Luxury Car Rental located in Zurich, rented the car out to a woman who claimed to be driving it to Strasbourg for a meeting and then back to Zurich, but the car was later tracked driving from Switzerland to Calais where it was then shipped to London.

Lambo3 Google Maps

Managing director, Adriano Scheiwiller said, “She looked well-groomed and had luggage, she said she wanted to attend a meeting in Strasbourg. Instead of returning she headed for London, the GPS had betrayed her. She showed how she was shipping the car to Calais and transported it to England. It has already been spotted in London.”

On Sunday, July 16th the supercar was last seen on Park Lane before it mysteriously disappeared. At 5 PM, the company’s GPS tracker showed that the Lambo was parked at an IKEA in Tottenham, North London after it’s journey but it hasn’t been seen since.

The Lamborghini is actually worth 250,000 pounds or 320,600 USD so we can just imagine the panic one must feel when they realize it’s been stolen. Perhaps the worst part is that there’s no way of tracking down the thief as she has seemed to disappear off of the face of the planet.

Before the car disappeared, the Irish woman left a deposit for 2,500 Swiss francs, which is around 2,000 pounds or $2,600 USD. They believe that the ID card given by the driver was a fake and they are desperate for any information they can get on the driver or the car.

“It’s a big loss,” Scheiwiller said. “I hope the insurance company will pay out. British police have done nothing yet, the phone for this woman no longer works. We are offering 5,000 Swiss francs to whoever finds the vehicle.”

Hopefully, someone can help them find the missing car and the thief can be held accountable for her actions. We have to wonder whether or not she’s a seasoned pro at stealing rental cars or if this was her first time. Either way, we’re hoping justice is served.

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