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These Might Be The Most Purposefully Repulsive Cakes To Ever Exist

While there doesn’t have to be a special occasion to indulge in a slice of cake, many people go the extra mile to get a personalized one to celebrate a variety of events, including:

  • Weddings,
  • Anniversaries,
  • Birthdays,
  • Retirements.

Most of the time, a specialty cake is created to look elegant and be visually pleasing, but apparently that’s not for everyone. Some people enjoy a gag cake that is more likely to turn stomachs than have mouths watering.

Here are 16 of the most purposefully repulsive cakes to ever exist.

1. A possum cake would be enough to kill an appetite, but this lifeless possum is enough to bring up a past meal. Possums are known to play dead, however, the sprawling internal organs don’t leave much up to the imagination here. Maybe this was for a roadkill collector staff party?

2. This pigeon cake might let scorned city dwellers exercise some initial rage slicing, but there’s nothing very tantalizing about consuming a bird of the streets.

3. This anatomical heart cake was apparently made for a cardiac nurse, but it could also double for the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd looking to get slice-happy in their singledom.

4. Cake decorators probably get a lot of bizarre requests throughout their careers, but a lamprey cake is probably foreign territory for all but this dedicated dessert artist.

5. This cake looks like the regurgitation of a cake a child, who also has a taste for the earth and its creatures, ate at a birthday party.


6. If you find your stomach growling at the sight of an abused public toilet then maybe this is the cake you never knew you wanted.


7. Everyone knows someone who’s a tad too obsessed with cats and this kitty litter box cake could be the perfect birthday surprise to truly test their limits and feline frenzy.


8. Celebrating the small things can be fun, but there are some life events that don’t warrant a cake and the first day of being lice free is one of them.


9. It’s not uncommon to get a cake to celebrate the birth of a child, but this disturbingly realistic resting baby cake is bound to kill the mood quickly.

10. Even foot fetishists would probably turn down a slice of this post-foot surgery creation, but the bedding below looks like fair game.

11. Whoever’s face this cake is modeled after should be very concerned. A dessert has never looked less appetizing.

12. It’s well known that some mothers choose to eat the placenta after giving birth, so maybe a few liked it a little too much and wanted the same visual experience without the actual labor.

13. There’s nothing like a cake version of a blood feeding ectoparasite to get the taste buds tingling.

14. When getting a personalized cake, there’s a lot of ways to get a laugh from party-goers whether it be a funny quote or an embarrassing photo. However, then there’s this, which may be one of the few party cakes that go uneaten.


15. Not all cakes have to be realistic versions of gross things to be unappealing, this cake keeps it super simple. Toenail or no toenail, chances are, no one’s going to risk it.

16. If you close your eyes, who knows, maybe the taste of these gruesome cakes are worth the lack of vision.


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