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Rescuers Respond To A Car Accident And Find Little Hand Reaching Out For Help


All animal lovers would probably go to the end of the earth to help a dog, cat, or bird in distress. Generally speaking, it’s practically within our nature to want to lend a helping hand anytime we can.

Yet, there are some people who don’t seem to hold much empathy for other people or other animals on this planet. Still, it’s hard to imagine why someone would hit a helpless animal on the road and just take off afterward.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in Victoria, Australia recently as a driver struck a kangaroo with their vehicle and didn’t stick around to help. By the time someone did arrive, it was almost too late.

The group had stumbled upon the injured animal and called for help. That’s when Melanie Fraser of Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network showed up to help. Sadly, the kangaroo that had been struck did pass away from its injuries, but there was still hope.

Not even a moment later, Fraser saw a small arm reaching for help from the kangaroo’s pouch.

When Fraser looked inside the kangaroo’s pouch she found a newborn joey who definitely would’ve passed away had he not been found.

Fraser named the newborn Joey, “Dawson” and brought him to Christine Gilmore, a wildlife rehabilitation staff member.

Gilmore was, of course, more than happy to take Dawson in and give him the treatment he needed.

As fate would have it, Dawson wouldn’t be alone on his road to recovery and growth for the next 18 to 24 months. He was paired up with another orphaned joey named Nelson.

Kangaroo5 |

“Nelson is a little bigger than Dawson,” Gilmore said. “They’ll grow together and be released together.”

Kangaroo6 |

Explaining Dawson’s growth a little further, Fraser went on to say that, “He will eventually be introduced to his own mob of orphans, including [Nelson]. Slowly, he will have less and less interaction with his caretakers until he is deemed to be a wild kangaroo.”


We’re so thankful that someone found Dawson and we’re hoping he grows up big and strong!

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