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Research Reveals The 8 Physical Features That Are Most Desirable To Men

Evolutionary biology has patterned human beings and all other lifeforms to strive for the passing on of genetic material. We are groomed to look for the best mates who have the best chance of passing on our genes. Our ancestors would look for the tallest and strongest hunter-gatherers because those were generally the people who would survive the longest. Lionesses will look for lions with big, bushy manes and peacocks will generally look for males with the brightest feathers.

But according to Dr. Midge Wilson, who is a Professor of Psychology and Women and Gender Studies at DePaul University, there are certain traits that are more desirable to men.

She called this the ‘reproductive fitness assessment’ which showcases the process in which a man ‘checks out’ a woman.

Waist to hip ratio. Although this ratio may be distorted nowadays due to mainstream media and the current conception of the female body, our male ancestors would ‘check out’ a female’s hips in order to determine if she was fit for childbirth. Researchers found a ratio of 7:10 to be the most favorable since men like a small waist but with child-bearing hips.


Having a high pitched voice. Men enjoy a nice high pitched voice since it USUALLY indicates a smaller, younger body. This is because women are more fertile when they are younger (ages between 20 to 31) and that excites would-be mates.


Healthy hair. Men like healthy, long, full and shiny hair because it shows that they are youthful and therefore fertile.


The study also showed that men prefer women who wore less makeup. The researchers found that men prefer women wear about 40 percent less makeup than what they originally wore.


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