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A Restaurant Prepared 1,000 Meals For Hurricane Victims, Media Hasn’t Covered It. Let’s Thank Them.

Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge of Texas opened back in 2008. In the span of nine years, their restaurant has earned four-star reviews all across the internet ranging from their Facebook page to Yelp reviews.

Their presence on social media has been expanding ever since then but it’s not just their great food that has people talking.

On August 31, Keith Nguyen shared a few photos on Facebook of his father, Phe, and his uncle Binh. The post came alongside a message to let people know what the men and their bar were doing for those affected by Hurricane Harvey:

“My dad and uncle Binh own a restaurant in Southeast Texas and they were also affected by Harvey but the media doesn’t cover it. Today them, their staff and volunteers helped create over 1000 meals for victims, first responders, and other volunteers. My dad and uncle are both very humble about it but I believe they at least deserve recognition and appreciation for everything that they do. Their restaurant is Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge in Port Arthur, Tx. If you’re ever in the area you should stop by and support these hard-working men, or even share their good deed on Facebook. They deserve it.‬”

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To date, the post has over 400,000 likes and shares and is just shy of reaching 90,000 comments.

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Of those who commented, several people shared that Nguyen’s post made it to their neck of the woods in various states and countries. Some commenters said that they would be honored to dine in their establishment and many congratulated and thanked them for their efforts.

Among the thousands of comments of support that poured in, people everywhere joined together to thank these men for their efforts and continue to do all they can to help the victims affected by the hurricane.

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