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16 Restaurants That Took Meal Presentation To The Next Level

It’s not always easy for up and coming restaurants to stand out from the competition, which results in many food establishments embracing the odd gimmick. In a generation where everyone is Instagramming their meals, some restaurants are catering to patrons seeking unique presentations.

While it might not always be the most practical way to consume a meal, an extravagant display certainly helps give an eatery some edge on its competitors. Whether it’s served on something unconventional or presented in a unique way, these meals are definitely as visually exciting as they are appetizing.

From Bloody Caesars adorned with entire pizzas to meals served on a shovel, here are 16 restaurants that took meal presentation to a whole new level entirely.

1. Garnishings for Bloody Caesars have truly snowballed out of control. This drink features a well-balanced bouquet of fried chicken, a sub, full pizza pie, onion rings, fries, and a second Caesar.

presentation Reddit /u/ lovetosaydada

2. It’s a cliché for any food establishment to boast that they have the “world’s best” something. However, this restaurant truly went for it by serving their “world’s best scotch egg” in an actual trophy.

3. When someone says “meat on the barbie,” this isn’t usually what comes to mind. This is potentially a nod to Lady Gaga’s controversial MTV Video Music Awards dress, this rare beef Barbie is sure to be a hit with patrons (just maybe not PETA.)

4. It’s not every day that your meal gets served on a bookshelf, however, you can’t deny that it would be easier for the servers to carry and would also save table room.

5. Not sure what the appeal behind this meal stuffed in a giant wine glass is, but hopefully whoever ordered it didn’t want to eat their fries first.

6. Nothing screams pretentious quite like having two olives presented to you on silver spoons landing under a miniature olive tree. Hopefully, there’s more going on below the felt.

7. Those who have always wanted to eat out of a shoe but were nervous of the health consequences rejoice! This restaurant, for whatever reason, serves their fritters in a gelatin shoe.

8. This chicken tikka staircase and chutney cupboard dish from New Delhi is one occasion where no one is going to complain about taking the stairs.

9. Those looking to deepthroat a sword of hamburger patties look no further. There is no way eating this won’t end up disastrously and should probably come with a bib or maybe even a poncho.

10. Those who thought cotton candy was limited to only carnivals and questionable convenience stores were vastly mistaken. This restaurant embraces cotton candy as a dessert option, only they present it on a porcelain horse head, because why not?

11. The only plate that lets you watch the food vacuum that you are in real time. Does this carrot cake served on a mirror come with a straw to snort up the crumbs up afterward?

12. This mini beef Wellington served on a guillotine is certainly unconventional, but at least it’s practical. Slicing up your meal Marie Antoinette style is definitely a more fun option than a fork and knife.

13. This spaghetti meal comes set with the optical illusion that an invisible entity is beating you to the first bite. Propped up by a hidden platform, this presentation probably doesn’t stay put for too long after the first bite.

14. As an establishment that serves food, the last thing you want your patrons to think of is mice. However, who doesn’t love a little suspense with their meal?

15. Most people go to a restaurant because they want a meal fully prepared for them without having to do any work. This place, however, lets you construct your own spaghetti bowl for those who have very particular sauce to pasta ratio expectations.

16. You know you are in for quite a drink when it comes presented to you in a cage. No chugging this yellow concoction, but considering the lock, there’s probably a good reason for that.


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