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Restaurant Introduces ‘Clear Pumpkin Pie’ And People Have Questions

Has science gone too far? This year’s Thanksgiving treat, a transparent pumpkin pie, serves up a resounding “yes.”

Clear pumpkin pie by @simon.a.davies #holidays #pumpkinpie

A post shared by Grant Achatz (@grant_achatz) on

Alinea, the Chicago-based brainchild of “molecular gastronomer” Grant Achatz, is famous for its unusual take on dining. The restaurant has one seasonally-based tasting menu of 18-22 courses, and the “experience” can take up to four hours. Reservations to Alinea are extremely difficult to book, as it’s one of only twelve restaurants in America to attain the coveted three Michelin stars.

And a recent social media post has sent the restaurant’s fame skyrocket. On October 21st, Achatz posted what looked like a slice of clear jello with the caption “Clear pumpkin pie by @simon.a.davies #holidays #pumpkinpie.” On closer inspection, the pie has a perfectly non-see-through (if thin) crust and a traditional dollop of whipped cream on the top.

Six days later, @simon.a.davies himself posted another picture, where the translucency of the pie is even (pardon the pun) clearer. According to Davies, the pie is a “distillation of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and clove,” essentially a very fancy pumpkin jello. Davies assures skeptics that “texture is very important to us,” and that the pie “melts away.” Much of the texture comes from the pâte brisée (or buttery shortcut pastry) of the crust.

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