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Research Finds Restless Leg Syndrome Linked To Heart-Related Death In Women

The average age of the women in the study is 67 and none of them had any cancer, cardiovascular disease or renal failure at the beginning of the study. Each of them was followed for 10 years to monitor their health.


The study revealed that women who were diagnosed with restless leg syndrome had a greater risk of cardiovascular disease-related mortality. To be more specific, over the 10-year study, women with restless leg syndrome were about 43 percent more likely to die from a heart disease than those who did not suffer from it.


In addition, the study also indicated that the longer women suffered from restless leg syndrome, the greater the risk of them suffering a CVD death was.


Researchers also explained that those who suffer from restless leg syndrome are also at risk of suffering from other conditions as well. These include high blood pressure and obesity. Both increase the mortality risk of CVD. In order to eliminate the possibility that these conditions could be responsible for the CVD in each of the women, Gao did not include any women who were suffering from these conditions. Gao concludes that their research clarifies that restless leg syndrome affects CVD-related mortality specifically in older women.


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