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This Mother’s Retroverted Uterus Caused Her Baby To ‘Grow Backwards’


Baby bumps have been in the public eye recently since a notable bump on a woman’s stomach can sometimes be indicative of a baby that is on the way. Although every woman’s body is different, some women tend to display more of a baby bump whereas other mothers don’t show as much.

Yiota Kouzoukas, who is the co-owner of the online clothing store Sabo Skirt, she recently took to social media to show off her baby bump.

Or, rather, her lack thereof.

On her Instagram, Yiota posted a picture of her stomach while she was six months pregnant.


She wrote: ‘for the first four months of my pregnancy, my uterus was retroverted/tilted which means that I was growing backward into my body rather than outwards.’


‘Most people with this type of uterus tilt forward at around 12 weeks and continue growing outwards like you normally would.’


Yiota went on to say that she received a lot of criticism online for not having a pronounced baby bump. She went on to say that it ‘only really popped at six months.’ She explained: ‘these ligaments are acting like anchors keeping my uterus ‘inside’ rather than ‘outside,’ which is why I appeared smaller than most people for the first four or five months.’


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