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These Rich Kids From Tunisia Put All Other Rich Kids To Shame

If you ever want to look at people who have a lot of expensive stuff and like to post pictures of their stuff there’s nowhere better than “the rich kids” accounts on Instagram. Just start typing that in your explore page and you’re guaranteed to find an abundance of pages filled with photos of young people in expensive clothing driving expensive cars and living all-around lavish lifestyles.

One page specifically, The Rich Kids of Tunisia, is an account to steer clear of if you’re feeling particularly down about your bank account. The feed is a destination for luxury: flaunting cars, money, expensive bottles of alcohol. These kids are enjoying lives on private jets and yachts—they are the physical manifestation of the 1%.

We’ve included some of their posts down below to give you a taste of what the account is like. If you want to see more go to on Instagram. Below are the lives of the rich and not-so-famous:

1. The staples of this photo appear to be the girl’s belt, her bag, the shoe, and probably the scarf as well. Although the fireplace/log storage behind her is very nice.

2. Two bottles of Champagne to go, please! Looks like the person is on their way to a party in their Mercedes. Nice car and expensive booze, what more could you possibly want amirite?

3. Then there’s this picture that this person took. It shows a bunch of watches on the steering wheel of their Mercedes. How long do you think it took to fasten all those watches on?

4. I think this is becoming a bit of a pattern. Here’s another person showing off their watch and their car. 

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