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5 Riddles That Will Get You Thinking


If you’re looking to give your brain a quick workout, spending a few minutes on riddles is one excellent way to keep the gears turning. The brain is the most important muscle in the body and it deserves just as much exercise and attention if not more. Riddles cal help you to:

  • Think clearly,
  • Stay alert,
  • Test your brain.

Whether it’s a simple one liner or a more extensive brain teaser, they can also be a lot of fun to work out!

Here are five mind-boggling riddles for you to try out. First, read the riddle and then stop scrolling to try and figure out the answer. Then if you get stumped or think you know the answer, continue on to the bottom of the page! Good Luck.

1. The riddle: A father and his son are taking a road trip in their car. As their driving down a one way road their car crashes into a tree. Unfortunately, the Father was killed but the son managed to survive with a bad injury.

After the son is rushed to the hospital, doctors conclude that he is in need of surgery. However when the surgeon arrives, the doctor says “I can’t operate on him, he’s my son.” So the question is. Who is the doctor?

You’re getting there! This one is often overlooked but the answer is actually quite simple. Do you think you know what it is? Try to come up with on your own before reading the next point!

The answer: Obviously, the doctor can’t be the boy’s father because he died in the crash. And while some people may have guessed it was the grandfather, that wouldn’t make sense either. The answer is that the doctor was the boy’s mom.

2. Here’s the riddle: Two people are thrown in a prison together and they share a tall cell with a dirt floor and a high window. The only other thing in the room is a shovel.

After several attempts at trying to reach the window to escape, they decide that the better option would be to dig a tunnel to the outside, taking turns using the shovel, although this would take weeks. But after digging for a few days they come up with a plan that goes much faster. What is it?

You’re getting there! If you’ve seen Shawshank Redemption, you’ll know digging your way out of prison isn’t always to easiest plan, and in The Count of Monte Cristo, they’re always struggling to hide the dirt. So what do you think these prisoners did?

Here’s the answer: Simple! They used the dirt from the hole they were digging to build a pile high enough to escape out the window.

3. Here’s the next riddle: A plane takes off carrying 10 passengers and as soon as the plane reaches the sky a man hijacks it because there is a lot of money on board. Before the plane took off, the hijacker asked for 11 parachutes.

After he killed everyone on board so that he couldn’t be identified, he took 1 of the parachute and jumped with the money. So why did he ask for eleven parachutes if he only needed one?

You’re really close so don’t give up! Take your time and think logically about this one. There’s no strange math involved and it doesn’t have anything to do with the pilot. Do you think you have an idea?

The answer: By asking for 11 parachutes, he made it appear like he intended on allowing the hostages to survive so the government wouldn’t risk tampering with any of them. If he had asked for just one, they would have known it was just for him and probably done something to it.

4.  The riddle: A police officer enters an empty room with no windows and finds a man who has died and who appeared to have hung himself.

As the police officer searches the room, she can find no table or chair that could have been used to stand on. The only other thing in the room was a puddle of water. How do you think the man managed to hang himself?

Keep thinking, you almost have it! Some of you may be thinking that this could be a murder scene that was staged to look like a self inflicted death, but that is not the case. Keep guessing! Do you think you have the answer?

The answer: It’s quite simple really. The man used a block of ice. All he had to do was stand on top of it and wait for it to melt. Too bad the police officer didn’t arrive a little bit sooner.

5. Here’s the last riddle for today: A dead man is found at a crime scene lying on the ground with blood dripping from his head. The man is beside a tape recorder and has a gun in his hand. An investigator retrieves the tape recorder and plays the message.

The voice declares that he is tired of living and has decided to check out early and then a gunshot can be heard. After listening, the investigator rules it as a murder investigation. How does he know this?

You’re getting there! The scene is set up to make it look like this man has committed suicide but is that really the case? Think about it carefully. There is one little detail here that is off.

The answer: The man clearly couldn’t have killed himself because if that were the case, how would he have been able to rewind the cassette to play from the beginning? This is sheer evidence that someone else must have killed him.


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