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9 Ridiculous Future Predictions From The 1900 World’s Fair — And 3 That Came True

It was during the 1900 world’s fair in Paris that commercial artist Jean-Marc Côté was commissioned by a French company to create a series of images that would show what life would be like in the year 2000. Jean-Marc Côté made some ridiculous future predictions, but a handful of them happened to be true.

Jean-Marc Côté had a lot of crazy future ideas. Most of these ridiculous future predictions were totally outlandish, however, there were some that came pretty close to what our world is like today. These predictions were actually never seen at the time, as the company that made the commission went out of business.

However, years later the commissioned art was found by famed science fiction author Isaac Asimov. Each ridiculous future prediction was artfully rendered by Jean-Marc Côté in pictures that showed how different life could be. Weirdly though, everyone was still dressing pretty much the same. Apparently, he didn’t think that fashion would change at all. Here are nine ridiculous future predictions, and three not so ridiculous ones!

1. FALSE: We would not be heating our homes with radium, as most people would prefer not to die of radiation poisoning just because they wanted to be warm in the winter.

2. FALSE: Côté seemed to think that we would be spending all of our time underwater. Well, he was totally wrong about that, since the ice caps haven’t fully melted yet.

crazy future ideasWikipedia/Jean-Marc Côté

3. FALSE: There was such an obsession with humans living underwater, Côté even made the ridiculous future prediction that we would domesticate whales for travel. Spoiler: We did not do that.

4 FALSE: We would not be able to learn faster by… what is happening here? Are they grinding up books and feeding them into the students’ heads? Way off, Jean-Marc.

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