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Rihanna Responds To Body-Shamers With Photos That Show Her Unbothered

Once again, the internet is being used as a mask for people who love to show off their racism and sexism. People really need to make up their minds with what they want. One moment, curvy is the new skinny and everyone is preaching about embracing curves and how curves are the ‘ideal beauty.’ But when a confidently curvy woman shares selfies and photos of her body, people still don’t like it?

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.49.39 PM twitter

Rihanna has recently been receiving a slew of inappropriate comments that all seem to be targeting the singer’s looks. And as usual, some immature people have decided to make this about race as well.

Comments about her weight are the most popular topic. Rihanna has mostly ignored the criticism because she has better things to do. The star has been continuing to post on her regular schedule promoting her upcoming tour including confident selfies and videos. She doesn’t even mention the ignorant comments that she likely received and has received for her entire life.

This is the best way to respond to body-shamers; ignore them and keep posting images of your beautiful self. When you’re a woman in the entertainment industry, you inevitably have to face these types of judgments and expectations, but when you’re a woman of color in the entertainment industry, it’s inconceivably worse.

Some of the most ‘eye roll’ worthy comments come from users such as Johnny Clouds who tweeted ‘Since nobody wants to say it, I’m going to say it… Rihanna is getting fat!’ Another user, Lesha tweeted a similar opinion, ‘Is it just me, or is Rihanna getting fat?’ One user gave her a bit of a backhanded compliment saying ‘I’m pretty sure Rihanna is pregnant or she’s just getting fat for being happily in love. Both ways I’m jealous for no reason.’

Pete Hymel posted ‘Typical Black Female Stars. Getting fat, No Surprise,’ to twitter, because people always have to turn it into a racial issue. This is not the first time, or the last time Rihanna will face racism. That’s something she’s been dealing with her entire life, which explains no change in her online activity. It’s good that more people are starting to recognize that this treatment is racist and unfair, so that’s a start.

I think we all need to take a deep breath and let the woman live her life in peace, whether or not they happen to be in the spotlight. Rihanna is just trying to live her best life, make music, and entertain her fans. She’s not in the spotlight for the purpose of voyeurism and it’s frustrating that we still have to be having this conversation.

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