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Rihanna Responds To People Obsessed With Her Body

If it’s one thing we’ve gleaned from the recent fat-shaming against Rihanna, it’s that the singer-songwriter and actress simply doesn’t care. And why would she? She’s currently promoting her latest film, Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, just had a music video drop with Kendrick Lamar, and is generally living her best life as a musician.

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The trolls and haters seem to think that just because she’s no longer a single-digit size, she deserves to be put down. But Rihanna knows that the only people who matter are her fans, who support her no matter what. And speaking of fans, one particular Instagram fan account posted a throwback video that Rihanna responded to.

The video, posted by Robynbish, is from 2015. It shows Rihanna walking through a convenience store picking up Cheetos, Apple Jacks, and a few other snacks. The person recording the video makes a comment about Rihanna at the store, saying: ‘You just walked in the store and in two minutes you already got four snacks!’

Rihanna gives her a cheeky smile, knowing it’s all in good fun. But her best friend, Melissa Ford, chimed in to stop the shaming, saying: ‘You’re judging her. Stop judging her!’ The best part came in the comments section of the video, where Rihanna replied with a witty little reference to the recent fat-shaming.

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