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Rome Opens The Top Of The Colosseum For The First Time And It Looks Incredible

For the first time in 40 years, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible views from the top floors of Rome’s Colosseum. Already considered the top tourist attraction in Italy, travelers will now have even more incentive to visit the ancient amphitheater.

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Starting November, the Colosseum’s fifth and final tiers will be open to the public after a multi-year effort to restore the historical site. This restoration project is giving a new opportunity to tourists to view the Colosseum in all its glory from the highest reaches yet.

The nosebleed seats were once reserved for plebeians, the lowliest members of society, who sat on wooden benches as opposed to the marble ones down below. These marble seats were reserved for senators, emperors, and other important parties. The plebeians, or commoners, would have to climb steep flights of stone steps and through dark tunnels to reach their seats with the furthest view of the action.

Director of the Colosseum, Rosella Rea, told The Telegraph, “The noise and the smell would have been hellish.” Professor Rea also said it was tiring to get up there and the games would last all day. “A lot of the plebeians brought food from home – pieces of chicken, cereals, that kind of thing.”


The summit, which hovers 130 feet above the ground, will allow tourists in groups of 25 a unique glimpse of the former gladiator pit below and nearby surrounding Rome. Luxury shoemakers Tod’s is to thank for the restoration after donating 25 million euro to the cause.


Culture minister Dario Franceschini, who had the opportunity to experience the views from the top floors, said, “This restores another part of the monument to the public and provides incredible views of not only the Colosseum but also Rome.”

What was once considered the “cheap seats” will now be a tourist option that comes at an extra cost of around $11 (on top of the $14 entry fee). Pack your bags!

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