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Royal Chef Opens Up About What Queen Elizabeth Actually Eats And Drinks

As the former royal chef at Buckingham Palace, Darren McGrady has a good idea when asked “What does the Queen eat?”

At 91 years old, Queen Elizabeth the II remains the monarch with the longest serving rule in British History. This means that she has now celebrated 65 years on the throne. This comes with a long history of food and dining at Buckingham Palace as well.

According to former chef Darren McGrady, the queen doesn’t concern herself too much about the food that is prepared at Buckingham Palace, but the question still remains of wondering just what exactly does the queen eat? Fortunately, Darren McGrady has granted us an inside look at some of her go-to meals.

Gin and Dubonnet: When the Queen feels like a drink, which isn’t too often, she likes to opt for a Gin and Dubonnet (pronounced Doo-Bon-Aye) which is a type of aspirin made from distilled wine, which is meant as an after-dinner digestive type of alcoholic drink. Here you can see the queen enjoying one while visiting the countryside for a luncheon.

Chocolate: It is common knowledge that the Queen is a chocoholic, but Chef Darren explains that she isn’t keen on milk chocolate, it has to be dark chocolate and the darker the chocolate the better!

Poached Fish and Vegetables: As Chef Darren explains, the queen isn’t all about elaborate fancy meals when dining at the palace. Usually if she’s dining alone, she will opt for freshly poached fish with fresh vegetables and a salad. Very rarely does she eat potatoes or heavy starch.

Royal Veggies: The Queen does, however, love to indulge in all the fresh produce grown on the royal estate from carrots to cucumbers to anything you can think of.

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