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People Are Not Happy With The Official Father’s Day Photo Released By The Royal Family


On Father’s Day, it’s tradition for everyone to post a tribute to the fathers (or father figures) in their family. Kensington Palace decided to join in on the celebrations by posting a seemingly harmless collage.

The collage, posted across all of their social media, featured a much younger Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry at the top. At the bottom, there was a picture of Prince William with George.

The glaring problem here, and one that social media users pointed out immediately, was the absence of Princess Charlotte.

In spite of the many likes the pictures received, the comments from social media users poured in, and a heated debate over the glaring omission ensued. Was it intentional to leave out the little girl? Or was it just put together really quickly without much thought?

The photo was captioned: “Happy Father’s Day. Wishing all the fathers out there a very happy day.”

One Twitter user’s reply sits at the top, asking, “Where’s Charlotte? Isn’t William also a dad to Charlotte or do only boys matter?”

Some royalty fans excused the omission by saying that there aren’t many public pictures of Prince William holding Charlotte.

And it’s true. Perhaps because she’s still much younger than George, but Charlotte is always being held by her mother, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

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