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She Slips Her Mother’s Shoes On And Becomes Absolutely Infatuated

Finding the right pair of shoes can instantly add a little pizzazz to one’s stride, but it’s not always easy finding the perfect fit. However, one little girl felt right at home in her mom’s oversized heels and adorably channeled her inner Spanish dancer.

It’s not uncommon for daughters to take an interest in their mom’s things. Many mothers have come home to find their little one making an absolute mess of their makeup or rummaging through their closet.


For one curious toddler, Gigi, it was her mother’s heels that she quickly took to. The little girl couldn’t get over her looking at herself in the mirror with her newfound height and sophistication, which prompted her to put on a little show.

Gigi’s father, Daniel Valenti, uploaded a video of his daughter dancing flamenco while swimming in her mother’s heels. Gigi’s impressive dance skills combined with her child-like sense of wonder was quick to make this video an Internet sensation.

Gigi’s video managed to catch the attention of a professional dancer, who was impressed enough by what he saw that he sent the toddler authentic performing shoes as a gift.

The toddler’s passion for flamenco dancing stems from her mother, who danced flamenco up until she gave birth to Gigi.

Daniel Valenti told the Quint that Gigi has been absolutely mesmerized by the flamenco dance ever since they took her to her first show when she turned two.


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