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Modern Caveman Builds $230,000 House In 700-Year-Old Cave

Have you ever dreamt about leaving modern life as you know it and just hiding in a cave somewhere, away from society and away from the world? Well this is what Angelo Mastropietro did, and he spent $230,000 doing it.

Angelo, a self professed “38-year-old caveman” from Worcestershire, UK, turned a a 700-year-old abandoned cave along sandstone cliffs into a beautiful, breathtaking home. He did the work himself, and was inspired to build the house after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


The house was built from an abandoned cave in the Wyre Forest. Angelo spent a span of 1000 hours building the beautiful home. He cut the rock himself and even said he excavated about 70-80 tonnes of rubble. Despite the fact that the home is built out of stone, he has very much modernized it and even has wifi! How amazing is that?

Angelo currently uses his cave as a vacation home, but hopes that he can live full time in his house-cave when the time is right. The cave is carved into the sandstone cliffs near the Wyre Forest which are said to have inspired J.R. Tolkien when he wrote The Lord Of The Rings.

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