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Check Out These 6 People With Real Superpowers Caught On Camera

Super heroes caught on camera or impressive editing skills? It’s definitely going to be difficult to tell with this video. Rumble has compiled 6 awesome moments where it definitely looks like some super human abilities are taking place.

It starts off pretty simple when a car gets stuck on a train track in Russia. Out of nowhere, a man comes to the rescue and is able to lift the car off the track like it’s nothing. In the next clip, it shows what appears to be an invisible soldier! Whether this has to do with the quality of the video or not we aren’t too sure but if you follow the circle, it definitely looks like the soldier appears out of nowhere. Editing glitch or super human?


In the next bizarre clip, an argument is taking place between two men and two women. One of the women is holding the other back, but as one of the men approaches the girls, he is knocked over by an unseen force, and the other appears to be lifted and pinned against the bus. Could this be telekinesis? In the next moments, the woman appears to be frightened as she begins knocking tables over with her flailing arms without making any contact with them.

Many people think that these clips have been created using impressive editing skills, like the next one where a man appears to fly across the sky in India. As a couple take photos, screams can be heard and the camera pans up to see the silhouette of a man in the sky. Is this editing or could superman be real?

Taken from a dash cam, the next clip is quite bizarre. It shows a truck beginning to swerve out of control before a man suddenly appears and slowly saunters to the side of the road. Could this be another edit or are we seeing a man who knows transportation?  

The final clip was captured in 2011 in Hong Kong by a photographer who was working on fashion shoot. While filming the model, a man can be seen in the background who appears to have blue flames in the palms of his hands. When the supposed super hero realizes he’s being filmed he takes off and disappears after running in front of a bus. When the camera man finds him again the superhuman is sitting up on a roof with the blue flames shining in his face. If this is a special effect it’s executed really well because it looks pretty real.

Whether these clips are legitimate or not is up to you to decide, but either way it’s definitely a nice thought that there could be superheros living among us. The world could definitely use one at this point in time.


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