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Watch This Guy Wreck His $300k Ferrari

Getting behind the wheel of a high-horsepower vehicle can be undeniably intoxicating, but one driver let the adrenaline get to his head. In attempt to impress his girlfriend in the passenger seat, a 26-year-old ended up crashing a Ferrari rental worth $300,000.

Colorado-based company, Oxotic, offers customers the experience of renting supercars to drive on some of Colorado’s most scenic and twisty canyon roads. One renter, which Oxotic identified as a 26-year-old Subaru WRX STi driver, attempted to show off to his girlfriend while testing out a Ferrari 458 Italia.


Unfortunately for this leadfoot, the $300,000 supercar ended up colliding with a road barrier and damaging the entire front of the vehicle. Oxotic: Pure Adrenaline uploaded dash camera footage of the man’s joy ride, which shows the couple zooming the Ferrari around corners of a road until the driver clearly starts to get a little too confident.

As the driver starts continually increasing his speed, his girlfriend starts to audibly grow nervous, stating, “Oh my god, oh my god, that’s really fast.’ Seconds later, the driver ends up crashing the Ferrari 458 Italia into a road barrier after seemingly attempting to take a 30 mph corner at about 90 mph.

After smashing into the road barrier and a number of F-bombs later, the driver can be heard saying, “I probably just lost my license.” The 26-year-old then proceeded to get out of the car and look at the damage done appearing completely defeated.  

Fortunately for this driver, it’s reported that his insurance company ended up paying the entire amount of the vehicle’s replacement value. Next time, this guy might want to listen to his screaming passenger.

Oxotic posted the footage online where it’s since amassed millions of views, writing, “Some dudes just can’t help themselves when they have a lady sitting shotgun I guess?”


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