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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Went To Disneyland Without His Daughter

Instead of dishing out ‘punny’ Dad Jokes, Ryan Reynolds prefers to dish out some ‘Jerky’ Dad Jokes. In his latest, he took to twitter to poke fun at his eldest daughter James.  

James who just turned two on December 16th is adorable but is currently one of Reynolds main targets when it comes to his snide jokes on Twitter.


Reynolds went on a vacation to the happiest place on earth with his wife Blake Lively. Lively and Reynolds have been married since 2012 and have two adorable children, but for this trip to Disneyland, they decided to leave the kids behind. Reynolds couldn’t help but to ‘rub it in the face’ of daughter James who is apparently Mickey’s biggest fan.

Reynolds took to twitter with the hilarious jab, saying that they went to Disneyland because his ‘daughter’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse,’ but then went on to add that she was ‘so excited’ when he got home to tell her about it. Talk about jerk dad move!

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