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Everyone Who Is Heartbroken By This Death In ‘Game Of Thrones’, Read This

The death of a character is not a foreign concept to Game of Thrones fans, but this one, in particular, has everyone mourning. Warning, this article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up by now, then you have been warned.

In the latest battle between ice and fire, Daenerys and her Dragons rescue Jon Snow in Season Seven Episode Six, Beyond the Wall. In this episode, Jon Snow is fleeing back to the south and is ambushed by White Walkers. Daenerys arrives in the nick of time, but during the battle, it would come at a very high cost.

The latest death in the series that left fans speechless is when Viserion, one of Daenerys’ three dragons, is killed. During the battle, the Night King throws an ice spear at the creature and slays it. Daenerys retreats and is unable to save Jon. Fortunately, for Jon, he manages to escape but not before Benjen Stark sacrifices himself to save him.

Viserion’s final moments had us rolling in agony. It was as if we could feel his pain.

This kind of tragedy shouldn’t be new to us GoT fans, but we can’t help but feel like a part of us is gone now too.

In some of his final moments with us, Viserion was having a nap with his brothers Rhaegal and Drogon.

The three dragons were absolutely fierce during the battle, taking out White Walkers everywhere, and helping save Jon Snow.

The fateful moment came when the Night King threw an Ice Spear at Viserion, slaying him in battle. We were at a complete loss for words.

After Viserion fell to his death (in what we thought was the biggest tragedy of our lives), the Night King did the unthinkable. He approached Viserion and touched him.

This, of course, turned Viserion into a white walker dragon. As if this episode couldn’t get any more depressing. We feel your pain Daenerys. This somehow feels like a fate worse than death.

Sorry, we couldn’t ease your sadness with this article. But at least we know this: the Night King might be the third dragon rider in the prophecy Danaerys saw in the House of The Undying. 


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