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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Reveals She Secretly Suffered From An Eating Disorder

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson recently opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder in order to raise awareness and to help those suffering. On September 1, Robertson penned a blog post, “I Woke Up Like This,” where she discussed her issues with body image. 

She also wrote about a photo shoot she participated in. She was informed that she would be partaking in a shoot centered around being all-natural. The idea was for them to use her image as a life-sized cutout which would be placed behind windows in over 2,000 American malls. Naturally, she was pretty stoked. But when she got there the director said, “Oh, no. This girl does not have the face for a no-makeup shoot.”

They then stuck her in a chair and spent hours doing her hair and makeup.

She wrote, “‘…I knew it wasn’t over there. They would undoubtedly go in later to Photoshop and edit any and everything that didn’t fit their standard of beauty, such as all those mysterious red dots on my face some of us refer to as pimples. After all of this work, girls everywhere would only see the perfect, life-sized cutout of an ‘all-natural’ me, wondering how they too could ‘wake up like that.’”

In an Instagram post published five days ago, Robertson posted an actual natural photo of her alongside one of her in a red dress. At the time the photo was taken, Robertson admits that her negative body image impacted her so strongly that all she saw was the “fat” on herself. 

She went on to say that someone in the modeling industry informed her that she would need to lose weight if she wanted to be a model. “Looking back I’m so sad that those thoughts stole the beauty and joy of that photo,” she wrote.

It was this negativity that inspired her blog post. She speaks to women everywhere and tells them that after she found the Lord, her self-image has improved. “As long as I still get to seek out real beauty – the kind that is found in God’s word, and is painted out in the world before me.”

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