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Saint West Inherits Kim Kardashian’s Iconic Crying Face

Kim Kardashian West is famous for…well, a lot of things, but one specific thing does come to mind when we think of Kim Kardashian: the infamous Kim Kardashian crying face. That’s why a recent picture Kim posted of her kids Saint and North sitting with Santa has gone viral.  

The picture shows us 3-year-old North and 13-month-old Saint sitting on Santa’s lap. Santa is smiling from ear to ear while North throws some classic Kardashian shade on her brother, who is mid-cry. The photo of Saint crying strikes a remarkable resemblance to the classic Kim Kardashian crying face, and the internet is going crazy about it.


Kim posted the photo on her website and probably did not expect the instant reaction from fans all around the world. It’s safe to say that along with the unmistakable fortune Saint will no doubt inherit one day, he has also definitely inherited his mom’s crying face. The Huffington Post even made a video featuring a compilation of the best Kim crying moments, which has over 1 million views.

What’s even funnier is that North is looking over at her brother, clearly just so completely over his little tantrum. Her shade throwing holds yet another striking resemblance to her famous mom.

Kim posted several pictures as well as videos on her website in what seemed to be an attempt to show the public how “normal” her family is.  

The pictures are of old school, Polaroid quality and feature cute moments between Kim and her adorable family. Kanye West is featured in a lot of the photos too and they are actually pretty cute. Despite the fact that she posted a ton of pictures of herself and her family, the one with her two kids on Santa’s lap is making headlines everywhere.


I guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

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