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Sammy Sosa Looks Completely Different And It Has The Internet Talking

A lot of Baseball fans remember ex-Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa as having a medium-to-dark skin tone. But now he’s sporting a new complexion: white. Previously, people thought that he had a skin condition that caused this change in his face pigmentation.

Recently, the former baseball star made an appearance in a video montage during the ESPY Awards and his fans just can’t get over his much-lighter skin complexion. His unexpected appearance was a complete surprise in a video clip during the 2017 ESPY Awards on July 13th.

Fans couldn’t even believe that it was actually him! The Dominican MLB player’s skin looked about several shades lighter than when he played on the Chicago Cubs. The Twitter world completely blew up with comments regarding his appearance.

But it wasn’t just about his new skin tone that people were talking about. Sammy was also wearing a bright pink hat and a matching button down shirt.

People had a lot to say about his outfit choice, one person tweeting “Sammy Sosa looking like chewed up bubble gum!!”

Another Twitter user made a similar joke, writing “Why’s Sammy Sosa looking like a pack of Big League Chew?”. Clearly, some were all about his outfit.

Others comparisons included a boneless chicken breast, Pepto Bismol, a pink crayon, Princess Poppy (from “Trolls”) and an “unwrapped pink Starburst”.

But there were some fans who just weren’t laughing at all about Sosa’s new look. Some believed that he looked sick and many thought it was harsh of people on Twitter to judge and make fun of his look.

According to HollywoodLife, for the most part, people’s tweets read something like, “No way that’s Sammy Sosa!” and “What happened to Sammy Sosa?”

Conversations about Sammy’s skin have been going on for years now because his skin has been getting lighter and lighter. But this is the lightest it has been.

In 2009, he addressed the situation shutting down rumors that he was trying to be like Michael Jackson, who had a skin condition. Instead, he said it was a cream he was using that made his skin lighter.


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