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16 Satisfying Products That You May Have Never Seen Before


If you’ve ever struggled through a jigsaw puzzle, you know the feeling of satisfaction you get when you find the piece you’ve been looking for forever and slide it into the correct spot. There are other times you feel this immense relief too, like:

  • Flipping an omelette without breaking it
  • When the last piece of wrapping paper fits perfectly
  • Getting home right as the delivery driver is about to leave

That feeling of everything working out perfectly. Even if the alternative is such an insignificant inconvenience, it feels better for it to go right.

If you want to have that feeling all the time, check out the products below that actually exist, and change your world forever. 

1. This butter knife heats itself so you’ll never have to try and microwave your hard butter again.

2. When you want a spritz of lime, but don’t want to cut open the whole thing. Just plug this in and go.

3. No clean up, plus a new candle!

4. This adorable fish sucks the yolk up and separates it perfectly. No mess, no broken yolks.

5. If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to hit a toilet in the dark, you’ll know why these glow in the dark bands are helpful. If you’ve ever had to clean up after, you’ll appreciate them even more.

6. This blanket is a one-way sand filter, meaning it’ll never get buried at the beach. No sand in the trunks either.

 7. Perfectly nesting bowls and measuring cups are the greatest invention ever. It’s like a puzzle at every meal.

8. Sure, licking the icing off a whisk is fun, but this way you won’t miss a drop. Just remember to put it on before sticking it in the batter.

9. You thought nesting bowls were nice, check out these knives. They’re extremely high quality blades too, and should last forever with proper care.

10. Has science gone too far? This measuring spoon changes sizes depending on how you pick it up. Who cares about nesting, this the only tool you’ll ever need.

 11. USB keys that tell you how much storage is left without plugging them in. God I wish all batteries did the same.


12. This faucet attachment tells you exactly the temperature of the water. Doesn’t stop Alex from flushing the toilet while I’m in the shower though.


13. No need for cling wrap anymore. Just throw one of these washable covers on and put it in the fridge. They fit over just about anything, with their stretchable design.

14. For the frugal furniture buyer, this can be both a coffee and dining room table. Perfect for the 300-square foot downtown apartment.

 15. Oh god yes. No more struggling to get the last dollop of toothpaste out of the tube. Everyone needs one of these auto-rollers.


16. This cutting tool turns your plastic bottles into incredibly strong rope. Now those water bottles don’t have fill the entire recycling bin every week.


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