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A Student Created These Images To Show How Gigantic Some Objects Really Are

How big is an oil tanker? How about an asteroid? It’s easy to list the size in kilometres or miles, but what if we could see the scale of objects when compared with places and things right here on Earth? One student has done just that, by showing amazing size comparison in these striking images.

Imgur user KevinWisbith created these amazing images to show the real size of things. Each picture shows the scale of objects when placed next to something else. By comparing size in this way, it’s easy to see just how massive some of the things on this planet (and in the universe) really are.

Each image makes a stunning size comparison. Sometimes the picture will show the massive size of a man-made object, sometimes it will show just how large things can be in nature. Either way, it’s easy to marvel at the sheer size of things in our world. The scale of objects in these images is sure to make you think.

1. An M-1 Rocket Motor compared to a Smart Car: Developed in the 1950s by NASA, the M-1 rocket motor was never actually constructed, but it was the largest to ever be designed.

2. A B-2 Bomber compared to a football field: Despite being known as a stealth bomber, the B-2 boasts an impressive wingspan of 172 feet.

3. The Dionysus Asteroid compared to the Golden Gate Bridge: This asteroid, located in the Apollo Asteroid Belt, is not only huge but is also estimated to contain around $2.6 Trillion in natural resources.

4. A prehistoric scorpion compared to cats: As far as showing the scale of objects, this picture is a lot scarier than the others. Good thing Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis went extinct!

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