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Top 8 Scary Moments Caught On A Baby Monitor


It has long been said that babies are often the target of supernatural beings, trying to either steal a young unprotected soul or use them to enter the world of the living. Tales and myths abound about children being abducted or possessed in their cribs. With the advent of new technology, we now often have recordings of babies at night. It’s easier to have our worst fears and superstitions confirmed thanks to things like:

  • Baby monitors,
  • Nanny cams,
  • Security systems.

With these recordings, there have been many incidents of people capturing what they think is a supernatural event, and though some are explainable others are not.

Here are 8 of the creepiest things caught on baby monitors over the past few years:

1. A mother from Australia uploaded a clip of her baby monitor in January 2016. It shows some sort of spirit moving above her sleeping child.

The apparition was apparently there for quite some time. The mother has uploaded several videos of the sighting to Facebook. Whether it’s actually a ghost, or some sort of lens flare is still up in the air.

2. It’s not uncommon to see a baby staring at the camera with what look like glowing demon eyes, because of the reflection of the night vision technology.


But when the baby is also in this sort of Exorcist crab-walk inside his crib, it gets a little more disconcerting. This child is some sort of gymnast, or is possessed by a 3,000 year old demon who is coming for your souls.


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