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Top 10 Scary Moments Caught On Camera


Have you ever witnessed an event that you have no logical explanation for? Maybe you saw a strange glowing light that no one else saw, or witnessed a door open on its own. Sometimes in life, unexpected or creepy things can happen. Because we live in an age of growing technology and social media, these moments are starting to surface online! From:

  • Objects moving,
  • Clown sightings,
  • Unexplained forces.

There are a ton of strange and mysterious moments that have been caught on camera. Some people may argue that these moments are staged or fake but you can never be too sure.

Here is a list of ten of the scariest moments caught on camera. After you’re done reading this you might feel like sleeping with the lights on.

1. A couple films their ceiling which has a line of water damage running across it. Ever so slowly, the ceiling appears to have weight added to it as it sinks and eventually crashes to the ground. There was no water at the time so some people think that there is something else going on here.

2. Filmed inside a hotel room, the ceiling tiles appear to jump and shake before falling back in place. This happens several times and the abrupt quick movements suggest that this might not be wind or air suction.

3. This startling clip shows a kitchen cupboard appear to fly open on its own before glasses begin to fall and smash on the counter. The footage is incredibly eerie and continues to get stranger as an object slides across the counter. No one can tell for sure what is going on here but it is certainly spooky.

4. In this chilling footage of a baby’s room, the young child seems to be talking to a figure that is very tall as he climbs from the crib and stands with impressive balance on the railing. Not only is this terrifying as the baby could have gotten seriously hurt, it’s also strange because he appears to be stroking and reaching out towards something before stumbling backwards into the crib.

5. While at the beach, this family sits in their car and films a park with grey skies. The man filming tells the camera that this is the strangest thing he’s ever seen. He then points to show that a blue swing appears to be moving on its own.

It’s a bit off-putting as he explains that there is no wind and the other swings remain still while the large blue one seems to rock and swing out of control. This one may be staged as the weight of this type of swing can cause it to keep momentum. A child can be heard saying “maybe somebody pushed it but…” in the background.

6. Almost similar to the way a Ouija board works, this couple appears to be communicating with something via their tax machine. The woman asks the machine to type the diamond symbol and then after pretending to turn of the camera it complies which causes them both to freak out. You can even hear the sound of the printer working and no one is touching the machine. 

7. Who even made a teddy bear look so disturbing? Covered in blood, this bear appears to rip off its face to reveal a creepy skinned face complete with bulging eyes and a toothy grin. It’s something out of a nightmare.

8. A woman peacefully at sleep seems to have been visited by something. If you watch closely, you can see the blankets of her bed beginning to slide down her body before she wakes up and pulls them back up after turning on the light. Right as she is waking up, an orb like light can be seen fleeing the scene. It can be seen in the black section of this photo.

9. This one is probably staged, but it’s very well done. A woman starts of with a makeup tutorial and a second screen shows where she films it. The fact that we’re able to see her screen and her reaction kind of proves that it’s not real but it makes for a decent video. Her computer screen cuts away to a darkened room and she then appears to become possessed before smashing her face into the table. Even if it’s fake, it’s still quite chilling.

10. 2016 was a strange year and one of the strangest things that happened was the slew of clown sightings that took place all around the world. One of those clowns was caught on camera by Chase Prior and his friend while they were out for a jog.

They found the clown walking across a bride at 7:00 in the morning so they decided to film him. After confronting the clown, it turned around and began walking towards them. As it got closer they realized that he had a knife. Then the clown charged, causing the boys to flee in terror.


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