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School Asks 100 Graffiti Artists To Paint It Before It Undergoes Renovation, And The Result Is Incredible

For the most part, dorm room decor is fairly simple: beige walls, a few posters, the thirty-six empty beer bottles that you need to frantically hide under the bed when parents visit. But one dorm in Paris has gotten a gorgeous makeover that puts the usual Van Gogh posters to shame.

The Cité Internationale Universitaire asked 100 graffiti artists to come decorate one of their old dormitories. The “installation” took three weeks to put up, and was part of the summer urban art festival Rehab 2. For a month afterward, the public was able to come in and feast their eyes on its dizzying mishmash of art styles.

Unfortunately, the colorful dorm will not be hosting any students. The “renovation” is just the prelude to an actual renovation that the school is planning, and the art exhibit will eventually be destroyed. But photographers have captured the images for the whole world to see. So if you’d like to see the dorm rooms of your dreams (or, perhaps, your nightmares), read on!

This acidic ’80s dreamscape is certainly inspired, but maybe not the thing for when you’re coming back from a dorm room party. Anything that confuses the walls and the floors is bound to be bad news.

This looks like the kind of thing engineering students would have night terrors about after studying too many vector diagrams. Nah, just kidding, engineering students never get to sleep anyway!

100-graffiti-artists-university-painting-rehab2-paris-16-596dae9d35b76__880 Soklak LeChat

Not entirely sure what this is meant to be, although “arachnaphobe’s worst nightmare” is my best guess.

arachnaphobe Dem Dillon’s Tricks

Ah, the city. Perfect for that shut-in studier who never leaves the dorm except to scuttle out under cover of darkness to buy more ramen.

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