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Man Who Killed School Boy Posts Vile Message On Social Media While Inside


Criminal sentencing was designed to punish perpetrators while also keeping others safe. The justifications for punishment include:

  • Retribution,
  • Deterrence,
  • Rehabilitation.

While a sentence can be effective in changing the ways of a prisoner, one sadistic murderer from North Ayrshire, Scotland, has proven that being behind bars doesn’t convert everyone into a better person.

After brutally murdering an innocent school boy, Jordan McCready received a life sentence in prison. However, his containment hasn’t stopped him from cruelly tormenting and harassing his victim’s family.

23-year-old Jordan McCready, who was 16 at the time of the incident, was given a life sentence in 2012 for his vicious murder of 13-year-old Jon Wilson.

McCready had brutally attacked Wilson when he was on his way home from a friend’s house in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. Wilson was rushed to the hospital, but was found to have irreversible brain damage and died shortly after.

McCready showed no remorse after the incident with BBC reporting that he told the police, “If he gets out of intensive care, I’m going to murder him. I’m only 16. I’ll do two years in Polmont for attempted murder.”

The sadistic teenager also admitted to police that he was glad he had “done him in” and that he “jumped up and down on the boy’s head.”

killer4BBC News

“The level of violence inflicted by Jordan McCready on a complete stranger was truly abhorrent,” Kilmarnock procurator fiscal Mirian Watson stated. “As was the attitude he displayed towards the crime afterwards.” 


Despite the years he’s already spent behind bars, McCready has shown no signs of remorse and continues to boast about his horrific crime.


Somehow, McCready managed to get his hand on a cell phone in prison and has been taunting people using a fake Facebook name.

One woman accidentally added McCready and soon found herself being harassed by the ruthless prisoner. He sent her a picture of his feet, commenting that they had “done yer boy.”

After branding McCready as sick, the woman received further threats from him as well as vile remarks about him wanting to further assault his 13-year-old victim and snort his ashes.

This isn’t the first time McCready has been posting on social media, he previously boasted about how easy life in prison was for him and about having an iPhone, complaining that it wasn’t the newest model.


Daily Record reported that Jon Wilson’s cousin, Jane Benn, stated that McCready had been trying to get access to Wilson’s family online and has sent cruel messages to people online he’s thought were related to Jon.

“Jon would have been 18 this year,” Jon’s sister Lisa told Daily Record. “It breaks our hearts that he is not here. McCready boasting about how his life is easy in prison is sickening.”


“Possessing a mobile phone in prison is a criminal offence,” The Scottish Prison Service stated. “If we receive information that prisoners are in possession of such devices, we will take all appropriate action and report it to the relevant authorities.”


However, the family’s pleas for McCready’s social media terrorism to come to an end have yet to be solved.


Lisa Wilson told the press, “Why can’t prisons stop this happening? The authorities clearly aren’t doing their jobs properly.”


An investigation is underway by prison authorities to find inmates using mobile phones, but the multiple occurrences are far from comforting for the grieving family.



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