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Mom ‘Disgusted’ After School Robocall Mispronounces Her Daughter’s Name As Racial Slur

On October 30, Nicomi Stewart told 13WHAM that she received a call from her daughter’s school, Edison Career and Technology High School, saying that her daughter had missed a day of school. When Stewart replayed the message she heard the recording pronounce her daughter Nicarri’s name as the n-word.

Stewart also played the recording for her family members and saved the message to bring to the school board. Stewart and her family agree that the message is clear with its pronunciation of “Nicarri.”

13WHAM reports that the recording said: “This is. Your daughter, N—r, has missed period one on…”

“I didn’t have words to say at the moment. I was like, ‘Wow, am I really hearing you correctly? Did the machine just say this?’ It was unbelievable. I was shocked. I was disgusted. I was upset,” Stewart told reporters.

When Stewart called the school to inform them of what happened, they assured her that Nicarri would be taken off the automated call list but Stewart says she received two additional calls that pronounced her daughter’s name in the same way. Stewart also told 13WHAM that when she got calls the previous year from the school, “Nicarri” was pronounced correctly.

“It’s disrespectful and it’s degrading,” Stewart said. “I don’t even use that word in my house, so why is my child being called this? I just want her name to be put in the system correctly, and they need to apologize for this.”

Stewart had been trying to get answers from the school board for over a week and when no answers were given, her sister uploaded the recording to social media.

However, People reported on November 3 that the Deputy Superintendent of Administration for the Rochester City School District, Lawrence Bo Wright, called Stewart to apologize. He said the mispronunciation came from a software error with the vendor it contracts with to send out automated calls.

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