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10 School Punishments That Went Too Far


Anyone who has ever had detention in school knows how it feels to get in trouble and have to suffer the consequences. Much like when we break rules with our parents, when we break rules at school we are given certain punishments so that we learn not to do it again.

Most punishments include detention, perhaps a trip to the principal’s office, or even writing lines on the chalkboard, but some teachers are so cruel that they offer their own unique form of punishment in the hopes of teaching their student a lesson.

Here are 10 school punishments that went way too far.

1. A pre-Kindergarten teacher from Houston, Texas, teamed up with her teacher’s assistant and created a punishment for misbehaving students called the Monster Closet. 

The teachers punished kids by putting them in the janitor’s closet, forcing it shut and not allowing the children to get out. They also told whoever was in the closet at the time that monsters would eat them. Needless to say, both the teacher and the teacher’s assistant were later fired for the heinous punishment.

2. When 9-year-old autistic child Christopher Baker was misbehaving at school, he was forced into a duffel bag with the zipper and string tied shut.

When his mother came to pick him up from school that day, she heard his voice coming from the bag while a teacher’s aid stood and watched. Later, Christopher’s mother filed a complaint to the district and an investigation was completed.

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