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Schoolboy Hangs Himself After ‘Class Bullies Threw Meat At Him For Being Vegan’


A 12-year-old schoolboy by the name of Louie Tom Fenton was found dead in his family bathroom on January 19. According to the Hertfordshire Coroner’s Court in Hatfield, Louie was found hanged at his home. The 12-year-old was allegedly bullied at school for being vegan. According to his mother, school bullies would throw pieces of meat at him.

However, the Hertfordshire Mercury reports that there is no clear indication that Louie intended to kill himself and that there was no suicide note left behind.

But, the inquest was informed that Louie was being bullied at school and began self-harming.

Louie attended school at the Richard Hale School in Hertford. His mother, Catherine Fenton, wrote: ‘he had been bullied regularly since he arrived at Richard Hale School. He had regular appointments with the counselor and he started self-harming.’


‘They threw meat at him in the canteen because he was a vegan.’ It has also been alleged that Louie was forced to eat outside because bullies would taunt him.


So far, there has been no official statement from the Richard Hale School but the headteacher, Stephen Neate did say that Louie had become a heavy smoker and had begun hanging out with the older kids.


However, Louie’s father, Graeme Fenton, does not believe that his son meant to take his own life.

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Graeme said that Louie had been an avid member of the Hertford Sea Scouts and that he had learned how to tie every knot and knew all the names of the knots.


The coroner said that it was Graeme’s belief that his son had accidentally killed himself while messing around with the knots.

Richard Hale School

Apparently, Louie had expressed excitement about going on a school skiing trip and had even discussed with his family who he was sharing a room with.


In a statement, the Fenton family said: ‘Louie was a wonderful boy, much loved by family and friends alike. He had wide-ranging interests and was very passionate about them.’

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Louie’s mother said that despite her repeated approaches to the school, nothing was done about the bullying.


In that same statement, the family wrote: ‘on the day he died he had appeared excited by gifts he had received in the post, he mentioned a couple of issues at school but did not appear unduly troubled.’


The coroner for Hertfordshire, Geoffrey Sullivan said: ‘given what you have said I shall write to the headteacher at the school to ask if policies are in place and up to date in respect of pupils who experience bullying and do self-harm.’


Geoffrey continued by giving an open verdict and saying that he was not convinced that Louie had tried to kill himself.

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