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Science Reveals How To Be Better In Bed

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Believe it or not, there are tons of scientific studies around the topic of intimacy. It’s something we don’t talk about openly, but it’s an important part of human nature.

Over the past few years, more and more studies are being done on this topic by psychologists and sociologists. All sides are being studied within this area including why we do it, why some of us do it more than others, and so on.

But what everyone really wants to know is how to get better in bed and enjoy it more. And we’re here to try and give you some helpful tips. We’ve put together the best advice science has provided. Give some of these a try, they could help!

The first advice that science has to offer: don’t be intoxicated if you are planning to get some action. It’ll seriously backfire.

According to a study done in NYU, drinking booze isn’t smart because alcohol numbs sensations, making it difficult to enjoy the activity  

#2 GreatistGreatist

According to researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller, cigarettes can also affect your performance.


Studies done in Israel have shown that making your partner feel special is another way to improve your intimate activities. Pretty obvious, right?

#4 Gifts For The WifeGifts-For-The-Wife

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