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Disturbing Photos Of The 103-Year-Old Remains Of The Titanic


It’s been over a century since the Titanic sank, but the tragic story is still with us today. Although it was supposed to be unsinkable, that definitely wasn’t the case. Some fun facts about the Titanic:

  • The ship burned 600 tonnes of coal per day
  • 100,000 people showed up to see the ship’s launch on May 31st, 1911
  • The iceberg that caused the accident was about 100 feet tall

If you have seen the Academy award winning film then you probably have a good idea on how things went down.

This massive ship was the world’s largest passenger ship at the time. It was 882 feet in length and was the largest man-made moving object on Earth!

The ship was built in 1909 and was destined to be the best and biggest luxury ship ever. Here is a rare look of what it looked like back in the day.


It took a few years to finally complete the ship and send it off for a deep sea voyage. Sadly, on April 14, 1912 tragic struck.


Decades after the incident that took thousands of lives, researchers explored the depths of the sea and came across remnants of the ship.


Now, parts of the ship has been turned into home of many underwater creatures and animals. In fact, the parts have basically become parts of the ocean.


This is the photo of the captain’s cabin. Now, instead of being a place for the captain to rest in, it has become a place for the animals.


Unfortunately the Unsinkable is not immune to the effects of nature. Here is the bow of the vessel. It appears to suffer from heavy rusting.


The heartbreaking incident took the lives of about two thousand people in the matter of hours. It is one of the most horrific disasters in shipping history.


Despite the unfortunate outcome, it is part of our history. Thanks to film adaptation like ‘Titanic’, the event will forever be remembered by  future generations.



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