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Sculpture Of A Boy And His Dog Has People Talking For All The Wrong Reasons

For those of you who appreciate art, you know that sculpting is a pretty difficult art form. So whenever it’s around, it’s pretty impressive and people love taking photos of any sculpture they come across. Especially tourists.

Sometimes the sculpture can be incredibly beautiful, other times it can be accidentally but hilariously inappropriate. This all depends on where your eyes start to wonder and where your mind takes you. This is exactly what happened to one Twitter user.

They came across a statue of a boy and his dog. Once this person posted this photo on their Twitter page, users got pretty entertained over the discovery. To be honest it’s not that easy to notice but once you know what this person is talking about…oh, it’s noticeable.

The guy tweeted out the photo, along with the caption “Statue of a boy and his dog in the park and they made sure to include the dog’s substantial…”

Yepp, that’s right. The guy saw such a beautiful sculpture and all he really noticed was the dog’s private part. And now that he pointed it out, the beauty of it is out the window and it’s become pretty comical.

People couldn’t hold back and decided to respond to this guy’s tweet with some of their own jokes about this photo and some didn’t hold back…at all.

One person wrote, “I want to tack a rider on that bill. 30 million dollars of taxpayer money to support the perverted arts.”

People really started trying to figure out how such a statute even came into existence. Someone else wrote, “it was the dog’s one condition when he offered to pose.”

And then there were those who completely went into details about the dog’s genital. One person asking “Why is it circumcised?”…

Another Twitter user wrote, “Just glad the dog hog isn’t polished shiny like the rest of the statue that people constantly touch”. These people’s creativity about this entire photo is pretty impressive.

Someone else tweeted, “The dog looks pleased to see him” while another wrote, “The kid climbed onto that rock to get away from the dog, who wouldn’t stop humping his leg”.  


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