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Search For Woman Missing Near Crystal Beach Results In Body Found

The body of 33-year-old Brandy Mosley is thought to have been found by a passerby three miles from the Crystal Beach shore in Galveston, Texas where Mosley was last seen. Mosley went missing around 1:30 p.m. on Monday after saving her son from being knocked over by a wave. Local authorities have provided more details on this tragedy.

According to reports, Mosley was watching her 4-year-old son play by the shore when she saw him lose his footing. She went in to grab him and hand him to another adult who was helping to get the rest of the children out of the water and to safety. By the time they turned around, Mosley had disappeared.

Major Douglas Hudson from the sheriff’s office stated, “We’re not sure if it was an undercurrent or riptide that grabbed hold of her or if she was knocked down by another wave […] We don’t have a witness, all we know is she went under and never resurfaced.”

The Coast Guard dispatched two helicopters and boats to search the area where the 33-year-old was last seen. They searched the surrounding area throughout the night and into the morning to no avail until the tragic discovery was announced.

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