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Illusionist Criss Angel’s Most Famous Magical Tricks And The Secrets Behind Them

Magic and illusionist tricks have a tendency to take the world by storm. We all know there’s some weird ‘hack’ into doing every single type of amazing magic trick but most of the time we don’t know what the hacks are, therefore we’re amazed. The trick itself is always amazing, but what winds up being even more satisfying is learning how they work.

Since the 1990s people have been trying to figure out the tricks of American illusionist Criss Angel. His magic tricks surpass all others and his stage presence got him out of New York City and to Las Vegas where he’s become a famous landmark with his own show. By 2010 Angel has generated $150 million dollars in tourist revenue to Las Vegas. He was even selected as Magician of the Century.

Considering how large his presence looms, it’s no wonder that people have been trying to figure him out for years. How does he do his magic? Finally, some of his secrets have been revealed. In this article, we’ll be listing eight of Criss Angel’s magic trick secrets.

1. Levitation. This is perhaps the most famous magic trick among illusionists. The magician makes himself look like he’s levitating between buildings. Most would assume that he just uses a wire and most would be correct.

2. Disappearing items. For the trick where Angel makes a utensil disappear, he simply has his assistant take it from him. The assistant touches it to make sure it’s real and then she’s actually the one who takes it out of the napkin.

3. Vanishing. Angel ‘vanishes’ in front of people by actually using mirrors. All he does is jump off the table and then hide behind the mirror. The supposed audience members in attendance are actually just actors hired to act surprised and shocked.

4. Body splitting. In this illusion, Angel gets two people from the street to help him pull a woman apart. When pulled in different directions her body is split into two. Essentially the woman pulled apart is actually two women. One is a woman who has the lower half of her body missing and a contortionist who provides her legs.

5. Walking on water. To do this trick, Angel actually uses a number of plexiglass tables and specific camera angles. The camera won’t pick up on the transparent plexiglass. Angel also has a woman swim underneath him to prove it’s not fake, but she’s just swimming through the table gaps. Angel also hires swimmers to splash around so viewers won’t see the edges of the tables.

6. Mind reading. Angel asks a volunteer to cut a shuffled deck of cards and mark the cut. Another volunteer takes a look at the card on top and Angel is able to name the card. Essentially what happens is that Angel shuffles the deck and takes a look at the top card. When he reshuffles, he doesn’t move the top card so the marked card is simply the same one that Angel already looked at.

7. The chain. In one of his most popular tricks, Angel ties a chain around his neck and gets volunteers to pull both ends at the same time only for the chain to magically pass through him. Angel does this by creating a fake loop behind his neck which is simply covered by his hair.

8. The blanket. To do this trick it takes two assistants and a lot of camera work. The camera uses low angles so it’s difficult to see what’s going on, that’s when the first girl pops out and then for the second blanket Angel has another assistant dressed just like him and they switch when the blanket blocks them from view in the camera.


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