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28 Selfies That Went Too Far


With the recent revival of funeral selfies, one thing is sure: it doesn’t matter what situation people are in, if they’re having a good hair day they’re sharing it with the world (or at least their 114 followers on Instagram). That’s right, people have been taking photos of themselves leaning into caskets with dead loved ones.  It’s right up there with:

  • Making your child take your dating app photo,
  • Peace signs in public bathroom mirrors,
  • Selfies from the emergency room.

Ever since camera phones became a thing, they have been used to document people posing with duck lips and winks at the most ridiculous times. Sometimes, people seem to have no concept of where they are, just that they need to get their latest looks out to the people.

Here are 28 selfies that simply took it too far:

1. The fact that he doesn’t look all that surprised makes me think this happens all the time. Ah college, where there are no boundaries or privacy.


2. I know when I see a person being tackled by police, my first instinct is to grab my friend and snap the perfect pic.


3. That person is drowning back there, but the sun is in the perfect place for this side-lit selfie. Just hold your breath for a second.


4. Why did she have to frame it that way? That person in the back is clearly working on something.


5. The bathroom selfie doesn’t always have to be embarrassing for a person in the background. Not sure why the toilet paper prop was added, but look at the gold details on that throne!


6. Hair curlers and shotguns are always things that belong together. Solid trigger discipline though, that woman is an expert.


7. Maybe don’t get that close to the animals when you take your selfie. They aren’t the best subjects, and they also might just remove your face in the process.


8. “I’m just documenting the investigation officer.” “Please step out of the car.” Most people are nervous when pulled over, not immediately sharing it with their friends.


9. How about the opposite, when the emergency services worker is the one stopping to take a perfect profile pic. Glad he’s working hard.


10. The best part is that someone liked it within seven minutes. “Oh yeah I’ve been there!” Aren’t your phones supposed to be confiscated while you’re inside?


11. This guy deserves to be in jail for this. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas.


12. That fluorescent hospital lighting just made her look unstoppable. I’m not sure the man on the hospital bed would be thrilled about the caption either, but she’s just having such a good hair day that she couldn’t resist.


13. At least this wasn’t an open casket. This is maybe the most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen.


14. Until now. I’m sure the kid will be so happy that she documented her failure as a parent right from the start.


15. I’m so sorry you haven’t found your Prince yet, but please never do this again. It’s creepy how much work and money she must have put into it to fake companionship.

16. I’m so upset that the photo she’s taking has not surfaced on the internet somewhere. Is that a paid snack break?


17. I doubt she listened to the entire lesson on what happened here. The smiley face emoji is just icing on the horribly offensive cake.


18. This is just like the person who buys a fancy coffee just to take a picture of it. Why do you feel the need to share a picture of yourself drinking water? “Oh my god, the school’s water fountain is just amazeballs.”

19. You couldn’t have just changed the page before you snapped this picture? Make sure you check glasses and mirrors before you upload.


20. Upset enough to cry, but not enough to resist snapping multiple selfies. I’m not totally convinced anything actually happened.


21. You may be hiding your phone, but that duckface is a dead giveaway. Is it really so important to capture what you look like in English class?

22. I mean, you could have died, but I’m glad you shared it with the rest of us. You should ask again about that brain damage.


23. The generational gap is captured perfectly in this photo. I can just imagine what that old man is thinking (or about to do).


24. Sometimes the only important part of the picture is the peace sign. This is called resourcefulness, not stupidity.


25. It’s like something from the Nature channel. You can almost hear a narrator saying: “After a 19-hour layover, the weary travelers completely lost their minds. Others look on as they stick limbs out at odd angles and seem determined to take photos of their discomfort. Watch, as they find themselves ostracized from the community.”

26. Flexibility is important, even when pregnant. The middle finger is a little much though.


27. Nice day at the beach, lots of people having fun, the perfect tan. There is no better time than this to take a butt selfie. She knows she’s in public, right?


28. This one has actually gone just far enough. One more handlebar tassel and he would just look ridiculous. Seriously, this must have been difficult to accomplish.



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