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Senior Couple Euthanized Together So They Don’t Have To Live Without One Another


Nic and Trees Elderhorst have been married for 65 years and they truly embody what a marriage is all about. The elderly couple has embraced the notion of ‘till death do us part.’ Nic and Trees are both 91 years old and they reside in the town of Didam in the Netherlands. However, over the recent years, the pair along with their family have been struggling with their declining health.

According to their family, they have always wanted to live life together.

And it seems like, after 65 years together, their love is still going strong.

In an interview with The Gelderlander, one of the couples’ daughters said: ‘the geriatrician determined that our mother was still mentally competent.’


‘However, if our father were to die, she could become completely disoriented, ending up in a nursing home, something which she desperately did not want. Dying together was their deepest wish.’


It was only in 2002 when the Netherlands became the first country ever to legalize doctor assisted suicide either through a fatal injection or a lethal dose of prescription drugs.


However, there are some stipulations to this new law. The person needs to be ‘suffering unbearably’ with no hope of relief in order to qualify for euthanasia.


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