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Serena Williams’ Response About Andy Murray’s Shut Down Of ‘Sexist’ Question At Wimbledon Is Awesome

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The 2017 Wimbledon Championships have been getting a lot of attention, specifically Andy Murray and his defense against a sexist remark made by a reporter. Even though the finals are taking place this weekend, Murray is the real winner here.

Though the British tennis player lost against U.S. player Sam Querrey in the quarterfinals, he’s still making headlines after shutting down a sexist reporter during a press conference after his loss. Now, Serena Williams is showing her love for Murray.

Sam Querrey became the first U.S. male tennis player to make the semifinals at Wimbledon since 2009. There have been plenty of U.S. female tennis players who have achieved this, including Serena Williams. The reporter mentioned that Querrey was “the first U.S. player to reach a major semi-final since 2009.”

However, Murray was having none of his sexist remark saying, “Male Player.” The reporter didn’t hear him.

Murray decided to repeat himself and said: “Male player, right?” The reporter laughed it off, but Murray stayed dead serious.

Everyone on Twitter was praising Murray for what he did, especially Serena Williams. She talked to ESPN about her love for him.

She told ESPN that there “shouldn’t be a female athlete that is not totally supportive of Andy Murray.”

But she didn’t stop there. Williams praised Andy for always sticking up for women. She told TSN that having a strong mom that raised him is key.

Serena told them that “he has spoken up for women’s issues and women’s rights, especially in tennis, for forever. He does it again. That’s who he is, that’s one thing that we love about him.”

She continued, “He has such a wonderful mother, who’s been such a strong figure in his life. He’s done so much for us on our tour, so we love Andy.”

For his support for women, Murray has won over many fans and supporters over this past couple of days. He’s definitely won over a lot of hearts.


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