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Serena Williams’ Wedding Ring Is The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Serena Williams is a 36-year-old professional tennis player. She has been ranked number one in the world on eight occasions and she is regularly regarded by fans and commentators around the world as the greatest female tennis player of all time. Due to her pregnancy, she has taken a break from tennis since April of 2017.

But despite her prowess on the tennis court, it might be her recent marriage (and subsequent diamond ring) that has garnered the attention of mainstream media.

In a recent Instagram post, Serena ‘subtly’ showcased her giant diamond ring along with the couple’s newborn daughter.

It was in a recent selfie of Serena and her new baby where she showed off her massive ring.

In an upside down selfie of Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. (who already has 155,000 followers on Instagram at just two months old), Serena showed off her diamond-encrusted ring with the caption ‘daddy knows how much I love leopard print.’

The couple got married on November 19 at the lavish event venue known as the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans where they had guests such as Beyonce, Jay Z and Kim Kardashian.

Serena also wore three different wedding dresses that night, two of them Versace and one which was custom designed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen, who also designed Kate Middleton’s dress.

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