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Seth Rogen Fakes His Own Death On ‘Billy On The Street’ And It’s Awkwardly Hilarious

Billy Eichner is back for more hilariously uncomfortable interviews with unsuspecting New Yorkers for his fifth season of ‘Billy on the Street.’ In a comedically morbid segment called ‘Death Rogen,’ Billy is joined by the ‘Neighbors’ star to send interviewees on a roller coaster of emotion.

Billy frantically wrangled strangers off of the street and told them that actor Seth Rogen had suddenly passed away to see how they would react. Little did they know, Rogen was tagging along the whole time in disguise as Eichner’s cameraman.


Rogen got a chance to know how the people really felt about him before Billy revealed that he was alive and very present. The results of this death hoax reveal are just as hilariously cringeworthy as you’d expect.

While some people had kind words regarding Rogen’s comedic legacy, others weren’t as distraught over his fake passing. When asked to share her thoughts on the actor’s death, one woman said, ‘Seth Rogen? Seth Rogen? Doesn’t really ring a bell.’

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