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Vendor Makes Popular Chinese Breakfast Pancake In Shanghai’s French Concession

Shanghai is a place that is known for its delicious food and amazing street food scene. In this video, you can see just how busy and fast-paced the street food environment in Shanghai is.

This video has over 7 million views and is taken in Shanghai’s French Concession. It shows vendors making food in the busy street market. The video shows various vendors creating different types of Asian food, and  then focuses in on one specific vendor who is making a popular and traditional Chinese breakfast pancake called a Jianbing. The texture is very similar to crepes and is usually eaten for breakfast.


The popular breakfast item is considered to be one of the most popular street breakfast items in Shanghai. The main ingredients consist of batter, eggs, grain, wheat, and can be filled with various ingredients which include, pickles, scallions and chili sauce. The wrap almost looks like a giant pancake or crepe, and it looks delicious!

You can see the vendor first spread the dough onto the hot pan. He smooths it out and adds egg onto it, spreading it around. After he spreads around the yolk, he throws on what looks like chopped up scallion and then flips it over.

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