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She Let Her Husband Pick Out Her Outfits For A Week

A woman recently let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. She did what? Yep! You heard that right! She let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. What a brave, brave woman. Actually what a SMART woman. Have you ever wondered what outfits your husband would choose for you if you let him pick something out of your closet?

Maybe he’d pick a pair of jeans with sneakers and a t-shirt? Or maybe he would make you wear the baggiest sweatpants you own with a loose sweater? Well, check out the results of an interesting experiment where Colin had to pick his wife’s outfits out for a week. A whole week.

According to Brightside, wife Caitlyn has a large wardrobe that’s stuffed with a ton of things, some of which she’s never worn. But regardless of how many clothes she has, she still seems to have nothing to wear…most, if not all, women can relate. She then let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. His choices really surprised her.

Monday was day one of letting her husband pick her outfits out. Caitlyn noted that she was worried when she saw her husband exploring her closet. She had a meeting that day for work and definitely had to look the part.

She was going to call off the entire experiment, but she could tell that her husband was pretty excited picking out her outfit. The outfit he chose wouldn’t be her first pick, but she received a ton of compliments that day and Caitlyn noted that she would wear the outfit again.

Tuesday came rolling in, and she continued letting her husband pick her outfits for the week. Caitlyn began noticing that her husband is a fan of bright colors, which she had no idea about before. Her hubby noted that the weather called for a sunny day, so he wanted her to look like a real sun.

Colin paired the outfit with a house purse that Caitlyn stopped wearing because she thought it made her look like a child. But as it turns out her husband loves the bag. She now uses it all the time and it’s become her favorite accessory.

Day three of letting her husband pick her outfits out for a week. It happens to be their anniversary, so the couple decided to celebrate with a romantic dinner. But because the couple has two young babies, they decided to do the dinner at home.

Caitlyn notes that she never really thought about what to wear, considering the couple was at home. But her husband thought otherwise. Though he chose a pretty “skimpy” dress for his wife to wear, she felt like the married couple was on their first date. So cute!

Day four, her husband found a dress that was in the back of her closet…way back. Caitlyn notes that she hasn’t worn that dress for quite some time, always believing it was too short for her. She also thought that red wasn’t really her color.

But yet again, her husband not only made her feel comfortable wearing that outfit to a parents’ evening, but he claimed she looked “absolutely stunning” in red. Though she felts pretty awkward in her outfit, Colin’s positive words gave her a ton of confidence.

On Friday of letting her husband pick her outfits out for a week, Colin decided to choose a more comfy outfit when the family met with Caitlyn’s parents. Originally, Caitlyn noted to Brightside that she wanted to wear a dress, but her husband knew she wouldn’t be comfy running after the kids.

Wearing this jumpsuit, Caitlyn realized that she only used to wear it when they went to the country house or for picnics. But now, she realizes that it’s super comfy and she could wear it wherever. It’s also pretty stylish. Jumpsuits are so in right now!

Saturday, Caitlyn, and her family go for their walks. Letting her husband pick her outfits out for a week is really getting to Colin’s head. Caitlyn notes that he’s starting to feel like a real stylist. I don’t know about you, but I think Colin’s taste in women’s style is not bad at all!

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Caitlyn notes to Brightside, “Does it all mix well? No. Am I happy in this outfit? Definitely yes.” She noted that her hubby put his favorite jacket on her, saying that she looks adorable in it. He then picked out a light dress with a pair of comfy sneakers. Caitlyn really looks happy.

Last day of letting her husband pick her outfits out for a week. Caitlyn notes that the family had no plans that day, yet on that particular Sunday, Colin wanted to make his wife feel elegant and feminine, even though they were at home.

Caitlyn notes that she has a black dress that she absolutely loves but doesn’t really have occasions to wear it. But her husband made her realize she doesn’t need an occasion to wear it. She noted to Brightside, “Life with my husband is one great wonderful occasion that’s worth dressing up for every day”. Aww!

She let her husband pick her outfits out for a week…and it wasn’t a bad idea at all! Caitlyn noted that she was pretty shocked at how responsible her husband was about the task. He took it pretty seriously, carefully choosing every outfit.

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Caitlyn had a massive smile on her face with every outfit he chose for her. The experiment taught her a pretty important lesson that every woman should know. Caitlyn told Brightside, “Don’t be afraid of experimenting. You don’t need to look for the right occasion to put on an evening dress or sneakers with a T-shirt…”

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