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She Thought Her Tinder Hook-Up Gave Her An STD, It Was Much, Much Worse


If you’ve ever used Tinder, you probably already know about the risks that come with it. From being catfished to meeting a potentially dangerous person to perhaps even an unexpected STD…a lot can go wrong when you’re using this now famous and widely popular dating application.

One girl had it way, way (WAY) worse than most of you can probably ever imagine, and no, it’s not an STD..

What could possibly be worse than an STD? Well continue reading to find out.

A young woman named Jacqueline recently took to Twitter to warn men and women of what could potentially go wrong on a Tinder date.

Jacqueline (@jaquezjaquezz) starts off by letting us all know that this is indeed a true story with a real girl. She explains that this girl had gone on her first date with a guy she had met on Tinder.

Supposedly the date goes well. So well, in fact, that the two end up hooking up. They do the deed and exchange some bodily fluids (too much information, I know).

Soon after, the girl develops a rash. Just like any other person would do in this situation, she told the guy about the rash, and that she was going to go see a doctor. Let’s hope the guy went to see a doctor too!

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