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16 Shoes That People With Wide Feet Recommend


There’s a lot of variety when it comes to shoe type in the fashion world. From flats to heels and sneakers to boots there’s pretty much a type of footwear for everybody and for all types of activity! However, some people still have a difficult time finding shoes that work for them.

People with wider set feet will understand the struggle of trying to squeeze into narrow shoes such as converse.

If you’re one of those people who struggles to find comfortable footwear, then you’re in the right place. Members of the Buzzfeed community suggested their favorite footwear for people with wide feet.

Here are 16 of those recommendations!

1. TOMS: They’re cute, lightweight, and they don’t pinch at the toes. TOMS are also a great choice if you’re passionate about helping others. Each purchase of a pair of TOMS shoes will help a person in need.

2. Clarks: These ones are designed to give a bit of extra space for the toes which makes them great for wide feet. You can get them online for $14.91-$68.95.

3. Vans: They provide great arch support and are a classic option that will last you years. They come in a wide range of 65 colors and you can get them online for $23-$99 dollars.

4. Birkenstocks: Another classic choice for arch support, breathability, and comfort. They’re a great option if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking and won’t pinch at your feet.

5. Naturalizer: Have wide feet but still want to wear heels? These stylish shoes come in a wide selection from shoes to boots and are designed for people who are going to be spending a lot of time on their feet. Perfect for people in the business environment.

6. Minnetonka: These moccasins are comfy, fashionable, and will last a very long time with proper care. They also come in wide sizes if you need extra space.

7. Teva: These sandals have velcro straps so they’re adjustable to a custom fit. They’re great for the summertime and come in tons of colors and designs.

8. Sperry: The boat shoes from Sperry have some extra room for that pinky toe that’s always getting pinched.

9. Torrid: Wide-footed people are in mind at Torrid as they have a wide-feet collection. Say goodbye to shoving your feet into slender and stiff flats.

10. Adidas: These shoes are naturally comfy which gives you a ton of room to spread your toes out. They’re a bit more on the expensive side but it’s definitely worth it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.13.19 PM torrid

11. Sanuk: These yoga mat sandals are extremely comfortable and are great for people with wide feet. They have soft soles which provide long lasting support and a comfortable band instead of plastic straps.

12. AllBirds: This wool sneaker might just be the world’s most comfortable shoe. They’re super flexible which gives you as much room as you need.

13. Crocs: I know there’s a huge stigma around Crocs, but they’re actually really comfortable and roomy! And they have a pretty wide selection. It’s not just the classic oval anymore, they have sandals and flats too!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.16.30 PM |

14. Dr. Martens: Looking for combat boots that won’t trouble your feet? Dr. Martens are perfect for you. They’re unique and comfortable and will last a long time.

15. Bogs: Although they’re more known for their rain boots, Bogs has a pretty good selection of leather shoes that are spacious enough for people with wider feet. The toes are also rounded which prevents any pinching.

16. Chacos: These sandals provide great cushioning and arch support. Their footwear is designed for the outdoor-minded and they strive to make products that are comfortable and durable.


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