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Shoppers At A Mall In Zambia Ran In Terror From This Spirit In The Clouds


The sky is a beautiful thing to look at no matter what time it is, and part of what makes it so unique and interesting to look at is the array of clouds that float by each day. Clouds are gorgeous and come in many shapes and sizes. There are even different types of clouds such as:

  • Cirrus,
  • Altostratus,
  • Stratocumulus.

Different clouds are justified by what temperature and weather they appear at. For example, on rainy days the clouds are called cumulonimbus.

Clouds can be used to predict the weather as well as being linked to precipitation. Sometimes, the clouds can form into some pretty interesting shapes and people have managed to capture them on camera! Just recently, a strange human-shaped cloud appeared over a mall in Zambia. Here is a list of 28 strange shapes that have been spotted in the clouds.

1. This strange shape appeared over Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, Zambia and its bizarre appearance had a lot of people freaked out. Many people think that it looks like a dementor from Harry Potter.

The strange shape stayed in the sky for about a half an hour and it measured up to 330 feet. It almost looks like it’s made out of something completely different.

3. The shapes of clouds can be influenced by the way light hits them, like with this textured sky.

4. It’s hard to tell if this one is real or Photoshop, but it really does look like a pair of hands have appeared to part the sky. There’s no way to be sure, but clouds can work in mysterious ways.

5. In this one you can see what looks like the profile of a man’s face. You can see his nose and eye, as well as his open mouth.

6. Creepy! This one looks like it’s an old lady or an evil witch. The short extended cloud really looks like a long gnarly nose.

7. Looks like a woman is crawling across the sky in this one. You can see her hair and nose, as well as the bottom, almost look like an extending arm. This also looks like a rain cloud.

8. Whoa, it really looks like this is the profile of a man who is giving a terrifying grin. The details of the nose and forehead shape are insane.

9. This cloud almost looks like it’s a part of its own horizon. Its smooth shape is mind-boggling and it really makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.

10. These clouds almost look like they’re waves in a crashing sea. This phenomenon is known as ‘Kelvin-Helmholtz waves’ and they form when two layers of air or liquid of different densities pass each other at different speeds.

11. Looks like this one might be a bigger Kelvin-Helmholtz wave. It almost looks like a zombie sauntering, or a T-Rex with its little arms.

12. It almost looks like these are balloons floating in the sky! These strange pouch-like clouds can be associated with thunderstorms and appear so smooth because of the thermal structure below them. These strange spherical clouds are called mammatus clouds.  

13. Do you recognize that hair? This cloud holds a strange resemblance to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley.

14. Talk about perfectly round! This cloud kind of resembles a mammatus cloud, and it looks even cooler with the jet flying right past it.

15. I wonder what caused these clouds to line up like this. It kind of looks like rows of crops on a farm.

16. Nope, that isn’t a crack in the lens, it’s a wispy cloud spread across the sky. It almost resembles the shape of a UFO. I wonder if anyone thought the same thing.

17. Turns out clouds shaped like UFO’s are kind of common. They are called lenticular clouds and are usually formed by gravity waves.

18. Is that cauliflower in the sky? Nope, these are just more mammatus clouds that have fluffed out slightly.

19. This might have you do a double take. It kind of looks like a ship from Star Wars is walking through the snow on the horizon, but it’s actually just an oddly-shaped cloud.

20. Can you see it? This one totally looks like a baby is drifting across the blue sky. If anyone became a new parent on the day this cloud formed it must have been a special moment.

21. They say life imitates art and that totally seems to be the case here. Check out the way the clouds formed a chicken that totally resembles this shop mascot.

22. How do these things happen? From the dorsal, the shape of the body, to the fin, this cloud looks like a dolphin jumping through the sky.

23. Adorable. The cloud parted in just the right places to make this cute little heart shape out of the blue sky.

24. And this one looks like a group of people dancing if you tilt your head to the right. You can see a couple different shapes that looks like bodies.

25. Is that a giant feather floating through the sky, or a wispy cloud in the shape of one? It’s pretty hard to tell for sure but I’m guessing this is a cloud.

26. Here is a cute little jelly fish bobbing through the sky. I wonder what caused the trail of wispy clouds underneath the darker part.

27. This one looks like a cute little rabbit. Much less ominous that the creepy dementor from the beginning of this post.

28. Finally, a happy smiling sun. The way the light shines through these clouds makes it look like the sunset is happy to see you.


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